Aprender inglés  19 abr 2020 Madrid

Hablemos de filosofia en ingles?

Cio a tutti Busco la gente que este interesada en hablar de filosofia en ingles o quiera mejorar su ingles a travez de la conversacion filosofical. Domino un poquito la filosofia oriental y me gustaria conocer mas la occidental. El proposito de este plan es puramente cultural y lingustico. Grazie


SpringTree Para que sirve filosofia? Harvard University dice lo siguiente: What is Philosophy? Philosophy studies many of humanity-s fundamental questions: how should we live, what kind of society should we strive towards, what are the limits of human knowledge? What is truth? Justice? Beauty? These questions are central to our lives, because in much of what we do, we at least implicitly assume answers to them. Philosophy seeks to reflect on these questions and answer them in a systematic, explicit, and rigorous way—relying on careful argumentation, and drawing from outside fields as diverse as economics, literature, religion, law, mathematics, the physical sciences, and psychology.